Introduction to the Cox and associated families site

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Welcome to the site. On this site you will find all types of people from all walks of life. The Cox line is the central line because I, and my cousin, Group Captain Peter Hayes (retd.), started a joint project on our common grandfather William Charles Cox son of Thomas William Martyn Cox and Elizabeth Alice Ryderberg of Earlwood NSW.

Introduction to the Cox family

As the line develops you will find links from that person named to that family site. We have people now working with us on a large number of families and also with the areas they came from. Our branch of Cox came from Surrey. The mother of Thomas William Martyn Cox was Emma Martyn Stocker of Exeter and Broadclyst. The area of Broadclyst in Devon was a centre of the Stocker and Martyn families and all families that married into those lines for centuries. There are many families from the South West of UK and many from Yorkshire and the North and many were joined in Australia. You will find links to NZ and to Ireland and Scotland and Wales and others to Denmark and Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. There are branches also in Canada and the US.

This site contains convicts, many of whom were sent here for trivial matters and in one case a trumped up charge, and one for a not so trivial matter. They came on the First Fleet and the Third Fleet and subsequent transportation. They helped build this country and the others that followed them benefited from their sacrifice. Whilst there were nowhere near as many convicts sent to Australia as there were to the Americas, as transportation was over a much shorter period, there is still a substantial population of them and their families are now widespread. Where the Americans hide their convict ancestry Australians are a bit more “matter of fact” about it. It was nonetheless surprising.

Also Australians are not all one nationality in origin. That fact is noted here in the pages of the families that make up this site. The Australian is not an Anglo-Saxon or a Celt or a Scandinavian. We are all of those and more.

The early settlers played their part in the founding of towns in NSW and many surprises are found here also.

Our Cox YDNA, which is fairly rare in its DYS scores, is listed here in a section on DNA with some analysis and explanation of the mtDNA elements. We will deal with the other families that have some genetic links including a Cox branch in the US. You are welcome to send us details of your YDNA and mtDNA for inclusion.


Introduction to associated families

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